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Mill View Teaching Team

Academic Year 2016 to 2017

Leadership Team

Principal: Mr Ford
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Gibbons
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs McCrimmon


Reception: Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Wallace
Year One: Mrs McCrimmon and Mrs Telford
Year Two: Miss Mealyou
Year Three: Mrs Willis
Year Four: Mr Wilson
Year Five: Miss Cottrell
Year Six: Miss Fray

Specialist Teachers

Forest School: Mrs Macdonald
French: Mrs McMahon
English: Mrs Hetherington and Mrs Gibbons

SENCO: Mr Wilson

Teaching Assistants

English: Mrs McMahon
Mathematics: Mrs Middleton

Welfare: Mrs Dunn
Early Years: Mrs Browne, Mrs Morris, Miss Wright and Mrs Wallace 
Key Stage 1: Mrs Stroud, Miss Carter and Ms Davis