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At Mill View we believe pupils should:

  • Experience a broad and inspiring mathematics curriculum
  • Have continuous access to high quality resources which enable the development their reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Have high aspirations of self and others
  • Be provided with extensive opportunities to develop a love of maths

Our Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and a drive and passion to deliver consistently high quality and challenging lessons.  Our curriculum is broad and challenging and provides a clear hierarchy of skills and techniques.  We work hard to provide extensive opportunities for pupils to make links within their learning and where possible we facilitate opportunities for children to apply skills in other curriculum subjects.  

Learning is practical and fast paced and we ensure that each child's individual needs are taken into account to ensure all children are able to experience success.   In each session children are given opportunities to embed prior learning, explore their reasoning and problem solving skills and to challenge themselves and their thinking. 

Teacher's across all year groups plan sessions following a five part lesson plan devised by our subject leaders in collaboration with external Mathematics consultants:

Stage 1

Review and Do – Recall of known facts or skills learnt in a previous session linked to the current learning objective

Stage 2

Hook & Master Teacher (MT) – How can I motivate interest, generate mathematical discussion and engage all learners?

Stage 3

Fluency/Skill Practice – Introduction of the new skill and rationale – Linked to the objective

Stage 4

Reason & Problem solving

Stage 5

Closure - peer and self assessment & feedback 



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