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Cheshire Academies Trust

Who is Cheshire Academies Trust?

Cheshire Academies Trust is the name given to the Multi Academy Trust in which Mill View Primary School, Boughton Heath Academy and Kelsall Primary School are joint members.  In addition to monitoring educational outcomes, Cheshire Academies Trust have put in place rigorous financial management and reporting systems throughout the academies. It is the employer of the staff and leaseholder of the buildings. The trustees consist of the current Chairs of Governors and Headteachers/Principals of the 3 schools as well as 3 other trustees.

All three schools are motivated by the opportunity to further develop the outstanding education that they already provide. Since January 2015, the staff in all three schools have worked together in teams to learn from each other and explore new ideas about how we can do even more for all the children at the three academies. 

Cheshire Academies Trust has its own website www.cheshireacademiestrust.co.uk 

Cheshire Academies Trust Annual Financial Report (end of August 2015) can be located here /cheshire/primary/millview/arenas/websitecontent/web/8108086-cheshireacademiestrust-1415-finstat.pdf

Cheshire Academies Trust 11by11 Entitlement

On Tuesday 01 September the teaching and learning teams, support teams and governors from Mill View, Boughton Heath and Kelsall met together to finalise the 11 by 11 experiences we wished our children to be entitled to across Cheshire Academies Trust. Pupils’ views, parental views, staff views and governors’ views were taken into account when the teams agreed their final 11 by 11 experiences. 

The 11 experiences each child will be entitled to during their time in one of the Trust schools are

1.    Visit London
2.    Learn to swim and water safety
3.    Camp under stars, cook on a fire and look at the stars
4.    Learn First Aid
5.    Do something for charity
6.    Plant it, Grow it, Eat it.
7.    Learn the basics of cooking
8.    Perform on stage
9.    Play a Musical Instrument
10.    See the sea
11.    Learn to ride a bike and be aware of road safety

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